Okatronic AG

Okatronic AG
Altgraben 31
CH-4624 Härkingen
+41 62 398 44 11

Okatronic AG - Enclosures and more ...

Our company was founded in 1996 in Härkingen.

We have years of experience in enclosure and rotary knob technology, e.g. for the electronics industry, measurement and control technology, medical technology, building management, plant engineering, etc.

For you this means:

From the development of a product to recycling possibilities, from marketing to service, we strive to be close to our customers.

If you are dealing with new developments today - as a managing director, developer, designer or purchaser - this is the right time to get in touch with us. We can offer you a solution tailored to your needs, from conception or development to series production for any quantity. Contact us!