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Plastic enclosures

Advanced plastic enclosures for housing all types of electronics equipment

The OKW range of plastic enclosures covers many different applications, for example handheld enclosures, wall mount enclosures, flush mounting / DIN rail enclosures, desktop enclosures, table top enclosures, instrument enclosures, standard mounting rail enclosures etc. Choose the enclosure whose design, size and configuration best meets your particular requirements. Modern electronics packaging by OKW is characterised by ergonomic design, user-oriented functionality and high-quality moulding and finishes. With all conceivable technologies available in-house, we can finish and process the plastic enclosures and adapt them to your requirements.

Even our standard enclosures offer innovative and practical design features and compatibility. These include battery compartments for AAA, AA, C, D and 9V batteries, the installation of standard displays, high protection classes in accordance with IP 54, IP 65, IP 66 and IP 67, screw pillars for electronic and mechanical components, recessed areas for protecting membrane keyboards and labels as well as recessed areas for interfaces etc. A wide range of accessories offers you the opportunity to equip the enclosure with additional functions, e.g. belt/pocket clips, suspension elements for walls and desks, bases and contacts for charging current and data transmission, cable glands and much more.

Plastic enclosures Wearable enclosures

Wearable enclosures

Plastic enclosures Handheld enclosures

Handheld enclosures

Plastic enclosures Wired enclosures

Wired enclosures

Plastic enclosures Enclosures for suspension arm systems

Enclosures for suspension arm systems

Plastic enclosures Wall mount enclosures

Wall mount enclosures

Plastic enclosures IIoT/sensor enclosures

IIoT/sensor enclosures

Plastic enclosures IP65 / IP66 / IP67 Enclosures

IP65 / IP66 / IP67 Enclosures

Plastic enclosures Flush mounting enclosures

Flush mounting enclosures

Plastic enclosures DIN rail enclosures

DIN rail enclosures

Plastic enclosures Desktop / Keyboard housings

Desktop / Keyboard housings

Plastic enclosures Table-top / instrument enclosures

Table-top / instrument enclosures

Plastic enclosures Portable instrument enclosures

Portable instrument enclosures

Plastic enclosures Universal enclosures

Universal enclosures

Plastic enclosures Potting boxes

Potting boxes

Plastic enclosures Accessories for enclosures

Accessories for enclosures

Plastic enclosures in ABS, polycarbonate and UV-stable Luran

ROLEC plastic enclosures provide stylish and versatile housing solutions for industrial electronics and controls. Moulded in ABS, polycarbonate or UV-stable ASA+PC, these highly attractive enclosures have many useful standard features. These include hidden lid fixings, recessed areas for fitting membrane keypads or labels, pole/mast attachments, lid retaining straps and internal mounting pillars for PCBs, DIN rails and mounting plates. There is a large range of styles and sizes to suit different applications. All models offer a high degree of ingress protection to IP67.

All of our plastic enclosures can be supplied fully customised and ready to use. Our factory is equipped to carry out all the modifications you may need including drilling, milling, painting, printing, engraving and much more. Talk to our sales team for more information.

Plastic enclosures technoDISC


Plastic enclosures starCASE


Plastic enclosures technoPLUS


Plastic enclosures technoCASE


Plastic enclosures technoBOX