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Decor foils

Digital printing in photo quality

For lettering and colour design, we can digitally print decor foils quickly and easily for small batches starting with 1 unit.

Decor foils

The digital printing process allows different versions without a great deal of trouble, e.g. in design, with consecutive numbering, codes and technical specifications. Colour gradations are also possible.

If required we can also print in full-tone white, cut out display or LED windows and emboss the foils for key functions. We can also create the print data for you.

The decor foils are made in our own in-house printing department, assembled with adhesive layers and then cut to size for the recessed surface in the enclosure. If required we can apply the foils to the enclosure.

Digital printing directly on the enclosure also makes a great impression. Find out about the options available.

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