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Wearable enclosures

Plastic enclosures for wearable electronics

OKW wearable enclosures are ideal for electronic components and sensors that are worn on or close to the body - the new generation of "wearable technologies". Our ergonomic and aesthetic enclosures enable wearable computers and other on-the-body electronic devices to function simply and elegantly, without restricting the user. Their simple operation by means of keys, touch screens or push buttons offers users complete control in all situations - reinforcing their feelings of security and well-being and reducing stress. Larger versions have a convex design to match the curves of the body and offer a generous surface area for interfaces. Our smaller enclosures are highly practical and unobtrusive. Accessories include comfortable wrist straps or hand straps, belt/pocket clips and fastening eyelets for attaching lanyards and belt straps etc.

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