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The plus side of our diecast aluminium enclosures

aluPLUS is a versatile and highly attractive range of diecast aluminium enclosures designed for modern industrial electronics. The range is available in eight industry standard sizes and rated to IP 66 and IP 67. The enclosures can be mounted on a wall or machine, or used as portable instruments.

Design features include a recessed lid, for fitting a membrane keypad or product label, clip-on plastic design covers which hide the lid fixing and mounting screws, and lid retaining straps which keep the lid in place when open. The enclosures can be mounted without opening the lid which means your electronics remain protected at all times. Threaded screw bosses are provided in the base and lid for fitting PCBs, mounting plates, terminal rails etc. An extensive range of accessories and matching cable glands is also available.

We can supply aluPLUS enclosures fully customised to your requirements.

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