Okatronic AG

Okatronic AG
Altgraben 31
CH-4624 Härkingen
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Handheld enclosures modelled for the hand

Inspired by the touch sensation, the design of the BLOB family of plastic enclosures is entirely focused on the needs of the user.

Designer Statement

"'Wow, this fits your hand perfectly!', was the first comment on this mobile product with universal design. The intelligent form of BLOB was created by optimising ergonomic requirements. Whether young or old, everyone should be able to use these handheld enclosures intuitively. They are also flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of applications and needs of the user. Where does the name come from? From architecture: Blob stands for 'Binary Large OBject', a teardrop-shaped connection that can be formed in an unlimited number of ways."
Martin Nussberger, polyform Industrie Design

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