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Potentiometer tuning knobs that are highly comfortable to operate

New ergonomic CONTROL-KNOBS have a soft-touch surface which is easy to grip and feels comfortable in operation. The high-quality appearance - illuminated if required - distinguishes this advanced range of tuning knobs as the central element of menu-driven interfaces.

Minimum components for one CONTROL-KNOBS, without illumination:

1 CONTROL-KNOBS, 1 cover - the accessory base can also be added if required

Minimum components for one CONTROL-KNOBS with LED illumination:

1 CONTROL-KNOBS, optional illumination, 1 cover, 1 base, 1 LED illumination kit (RBG backlight)


"Perfect all round - modern tuning knobs which are pleasant to the touch, with which processes can be reliably regulated or controlled and which should have a fixed place in the user interface of a modern product. When it comes down to it, these tuning knobs can ensure easy operation of your products even in awkward places and under adverse conditions - robust in appearance and precise in their function. You will find the CONTROL-KNOBS easy to use. The illuminated lines indicate the location, status and position of the function you are looking for. With or without gloves, the haptic structure and the pleasant material of the grip surface reliably apply the necessary torque to the knob axle - in any application situation." Martin Nussberger, polyform Industrie Design

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